Confidence Closets

46% of teachers have now seen children bullied because of their hygiene issues
— In Kind Direct Teacher Survey
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Children’s self-esteem is greatly affected by the reaction of those around them – and if they are stigmatised, ridiculed or rejected by their peers because of poor basic hygiene, their sense of self-worth will quickly nose-dive. No child wants to be taunted because they are dirty, or because their clothes are filthy. They’ll start to lose interest in their education, their friendships will suffer, and they’ll be reluctant to attend school.
— Dr. Richard Wolfson, Child Psychologist

The Junior Women’s Association of the Golden Isles recognizes access to proper and sufficient hygiene products among teens in Glynn County as a significant community problem. Studies show increased bullying and decreased school attendance among teens who lack access to hygiene products and clean clothes. This problem is compounded for young women who also often lack the proper and necessary feminine products for their monthly cycles. JWAGI seeks to do our part to address this issue in our community by creating and stocking Confidence Closets at local partner organizations to provide teens in need with access to the hygiene, feminine and laundry products necessary to ensure they have the confidence to attend school and thrive.